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Our Mission

Our mission as Licensed Massage Therapists is to treat every

individual according to their specific needs. Each session is customized to meet those needs by

integrating various modalities of massage such as; Swedish massage, myofascial release,

medi-cupping therapy and neuromuscular therapy into each session. We are each committed to

our growth and continuing education as a massage therapists and to working together with our

clients to promote their education and participation in this powerful self-healing process.



National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body (NCBTMB)

(as updated December 5, 2005)

Massage and Bodywork Therapists shall act in a manner that justifies public trust and confidence, 

enhances the reputation of the profession, and safeguards the interest of individual clients. 

To this end, massage and bodywork therapists in the exercise of accountability will:

I. Have a sincere commitment to provide the highest quality of care to those who seek their professional services.

II. Represent their qualifications honestly, including education and professional affiliations, and provide only those services that they are qualified to perform.

III. Accurately inform clients, other health care practitioners, and the public of the scope and limitations of their discipline.

IV. Acknowledge the limitations of and contraindications for massage and bodywork and refer clients to appropriate health professionals.

V. Provide treatment only where there is reasonable expectation that it will be advantageous to the client.

VI. Consistently maintain and improve professional knowledge and competence, striving for professional excellence through regular assessment of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and through continued education training.

VII. Conduct their business and professional activities with honesty and integrity, and respect the inherent worth of all persons.

VIII. Refuse to unjustly discriminate against clients or health professionals.

IX. Safeguard the confidentiality of all client information, unless disclosure is required by law or necessary for the protection of the public.

X. Respect the client’s right to treatment with informed and voluntary consent. The certified practitioner will obtain and record the informed consent of the client, or client’s advocate, before providing treatment. This consent may be written or verbal.

XI. Respect the client’s right to refuse, modify, or terminate treatment regardless of prior consent given.

XII. Provide draping and treatment in a way that ensures the safety, comfort and privacy of the client.

XIII. Exercise the right to refuse to treat any person or part of the body for just and reasonable cause.

XIV. Refrain, under all circumstances, from initiating or engaging in any sexual conduct, sexual activities, or sexualizing behavior involving a client, even if the client attempts to sexualize the relationship.

XV. Avoid any interest, activity or influence which might be in conflict with the practitioner’s obligation to act in the best interests of the client or the profession.

XVI. Respect the client’s boundaries with regard to privacy, disclosure, exposure, emotional expression, beliefs, and the client’s reasonable expectations of professional behavior. Practitioners will respect the client’s autonomy.

XVII. Refuse any gifts or benefits that are intended to influence a referral, decision or treatment, or that are purely for personal gain and not for the good of the client.

XVIII. Follow all policies, procedures, guidelines, regulations, codes, and requirements promulgated by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.


American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) Code of Ethics for Massage Therapists

This Code of Ethics is a summary statement of the standards by which massage therapists agree to conduct their practices and is a declaration of the general principles of acceptable, ethical, professional behavior.

Massage therapists shall:

Demonstrate commitment to provide the highest quality massage therapy/bodywork to those who seek their professional service.

Acknowledge the inherent worth and individuality of each person by not discriminating or behaving in any prejudicial manner with clients and/or colleagues.

Demonstrate professional excellence through regular self-assessment of strengths, limitations, and effectiveness by continued education and training.

Acknowledge the confidential nature of the professional relationship with clients and respect each client’s right to privacy.

Conduct all business and professional activities within their scope of practice, the law of the land, and project a professional image.

Accept responsibility to do no harm to the physical, mental and emotional well being of self, clients, and associates.

Refrain from engaging in any sexual conduct or sexual activities involving their clients.

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