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How should I prepare for my massage?

We recommend that you come dressed comfortably and take no aspirin, pain killers, or alcohol or marijuana on the day of the appointment. To receive bodywork, you can dress down to your comfort level; however, the more clothing you have on, the less soft tissue we will be able to affect.

We suggest you arrive 10 minutes early for your first appointment to fill out a necessary intake form and to get acquainted with your therapist. And please arrive 5 minutes early for subsequent appointments. 

What can I expect during my session at Puyallup Massage & Bodywork?

  • At PMBW, we provide you with the best massage experience we believe you deserve. Here are some of the things you can expect from us:

  • Our relaxing environment is gentle to the senses. Each of our rooms are designed to put your mind and body at ease.

  • Our therapists are pleasant and well-trained in various massage techniques.

  • You receive the time on the table that you have purchased. In other words, your time does not start until the therapist begins the session. However, because of our time commitments to other clients, this can only be achieved if you arrive on time for your appointment.

  • A sheet and blanket are always provided to respect your modesty and maintain professionalism.

  • During your treatment, our touch can be as light or as deep as you feel is necessary. During the first session, however, we like to give a firm but gentle touch to allow your body to process the bodywork.

  • We can focus on any area of discomfort or do a full body massage, which will include your back, legs, feet, shoulders, arms, and neck. Always tell the therapist if the pressure needs to be adjusted, or if more time is needed at a specific area of discomfort.

  • Water is always available. 

What can I expect after a massage?

You may feel like you’re floating or a little lightheaded. In the world of massage, this is normal and known as “massage head.” Some refer to it as feeling “spongy” or “fluffy.” Give yourself a few minutes to recover. Have a seat in the waiting area, drink some water and enjoy the moment.

After your massage you may experience a little soreness, so be sure you drink plenty of water for the next day or two. 

Taking a bath in Epsom Salt can help to alleviate some of the soreness. 

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